Shalvey, Barrett & Bellaire Launch Savage Town Website With 22 Page Preview

by Hannah Means Shannon

Savage Town is an upcoming original graphic novel from Declan Shalvey, Philip Barrett, and Jordie Bellaire to be published by Image Comics.
The team have just launched a new website for the book, an it’s currently hosting a 22 page preview to give you quite a substantial view of this work they’ve created.

Set in the Irish city of Limerick, Savage Town is about a low-level criminal wannabe “gangster on the rise” and the forces he finds himself up against to cling onto that upward trajectory.

Or, in the team’s parlance:

With the local cops, rival gangs, his best mate, and his mammy all out to stick a knife in him, will the bollocks live long enough to get to the top? More importantly, will he pay me back for that fiver I gave him last week?

This “original Irish graphic crime novel” is bound to be a fresh experience in comics.
Check out that 22 page preview on their website, and look out for it when it lands in shops on September 20th, 2017.

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