Arrow Season Six May Bring The Unmasking Of Vigilante

by Erik Amaya


Last season on Arrow, the masked vigilante known only as, well, “Vigilante” was part of the fake-out to hide the identity of the season’s big bad Prometheus. But once viewers learned he was not the person everyone assumed he was, Vigilante disappeared while Team Arrow took on Prometheus. The handful of people curious about Vigilante’s real identity — like me — may get an answer in the coming season.
Star Stephen Amell told Entertainment Weekly that he knows the identity of his ruthless crime-fighter. “I’m not going to tell you who he is,” he said, adding that each member of Team Arrow will be matched with a villain as the early part of season six begins. “Vigilante is a villain, if you want to call him that, for a member of the team,” he continued.
But considering he knows the character’s true identity, it could suggest an eventual unmasking.
In the pages of DC Comics, the gun-toting Vigilante was district attorney Adrian Chase. When actor Josh Segarra was cast as Chase last year, many assumed he would also be unmasked as Vigilante. Instead, it turned out Chase was a cover identity Prometheus created for himself as part of his revenge scheme on Oliver Queen. The Vigilante on the show remained a mystery.
Back in the pre-Flashpoint DC Comics Universe, Chase was not the only character to use the Vigilante name or identity. Other like Allan Welles, Pat Trayce, Justin Powell and even a Dorian Chase would take up the mask and guns of Chase’s Vigilante. An unrelated western style Vigilante first appeared in the pages of Action Comics in the 1940s. And most recently, a new Vigilante — real name: Donald Fairchild — took the streets of Los Angeles in a short-lived 2016 DC title. Of course, it remains to be if any of these characters will be unmasked as Arrow‘s Vigilante. But one imagines viewers will not have to wait too long.
Arrow returns October 12th on The CW.

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