A Tentacle Plague And Murderer On The Loose – Jenny Finn Returns In Color From Dark Horse

by Hannah Means Shannon

Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey’s beloved Victorian gothic story Jenny Finn is coming back to single-issue print series at Dark Horse, but this time in full color courtesy of the great Dave Stewart, and the first issue is landing in shops on November 15th, 2017.

For those who might not have read the original story, it’s set in a world where plague is ravaging London in the form of tentacle-like growths. Down on the docks, a slasher killer is also leaving the bodies of women in their wake, and somehow it’s all tied to an eerie young girl who seems to be the focus point of doom.

In a recent interview with Previews World, Troy Nixey says:

I am fascinated by history. I love drawing antiquated trappings, and the older and more worn and organic a setting the better. It’s a perfect place to thrust unsuspecting characters and let the setting and the story fold in on them.

Having read the original story in black and white, I can say that it was a treat in that format, and the sepulchral tones added in this new version look like a remarkable experience, too.
Look out for Jenny Finn #1 in November 2017.

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