Len Wein, Co-Creator Of Swamp Thing And Wolverine, Passes Away

by Hannah Means Shannon

The comic writer and editor Len Wein passed away on Sunday, September 10th at the age of 69. He is perhaps best known as the co-creator of the characters Swamp Thing and Wolverine, but his impact as an editor at DC Comics has also been wide-ranging and his influence on the comics community as a whole, has been substantial. It is clear from the outpouring of emotion over the news of his passing that he will be greatly missed.
I didn’t personally know Len Wein in the way that many people working in comics have known him, and are now posting memories and testimonials about what an all-around fine human being he was.
I did have the great pleasure of going through the pages of the Warren magazine publication Creepy and presenting his work to a new generation of readers through archival editions during my time at Dark Horse. And what I found there were deep, rich, and meaningful stories even as told in an ephemeral medium, stories that always kept the emotional engagement of the reader in mind.
There’s no question that he was a unique presence in comics, which the community was lucky to have, and that he will continue to inspire creators and reach fans in new ways as we consider his legacy and his work.

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