Tensions Rise As So Many Plot Points Come To A Head In Giant Days #30

by James Ferguson

After having their first real fight, Daisy and Ingrid make plans for Easter break. Meanwhile, Esther and Susan realize they can’t tolerate Daisy’s girlfriend any longer. Something has to give. Plus, Susan’s secret love affair with McGraw is revealed!  So much happens in Giant Days #30!

Writer John Allison weaves the storylines of the three main characters so seamlessly that there is no clear beginning or end to an arc. It’s more like each issue is a snapshot into their lives, almost like a diary entry. This has made them very relatable, as if you’ve known them for ages.
Giant Days works like a great sitcom.  It establishes a problem in the first act, elevates it in the second, and then delivers a satisfying conclusion in the third that also leaves things open for continued stories.

We’ve seen Susan sneaking away for some time and we’ve been able to put the pieces together as to what she’s been up to. This issue allows her to tell her side of the story. Susan’s tale gets extra complicated in that Esther has befriended McGraw’s current girlfriend. Esther gets caught in the middle between two good friends.
Similarly, Ingrid has been like a firecracker to an otherwise peaceful living situation. It was only a matter of time before things came to a head. Artist Max Sarin presents some great contrast between the two parties. Daisy and Ingrid are super happy and excited while Susan and Esther are miserable and angry. Their faces are very emotive. This especially comes through later on when Daisy channels her own frustrations with Ingrid into cleaning while wearing a Joker-like grin the entire time.  It’s almost scary how big her smile gets, coupled with her wide eyes.

Sarin also plays up a cartoonish quality in the artwork when needed. There’s a great takedown by Esther where she appears like a cross between the Chesire Cat and a vampire. Now that I think about it, that’s probably a good way to describe her as a character. In any case, she bounces between a sly smile beneath devilish eyes and outright fury with her canine teeth flaring.

Giant Days delivers hilarious takes on real world problems with real characters. It’s a comic that flows so well that you’ll be mad when it’s over because you read it too fast. If you told me a few years ago that one of my favorite comics would involve the lives of three college-age young women in the UK, I’d have called you a lunatic. John Allison and Max Sarin have made something great here.
Giant Days #30 is currently available from your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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