What’s Better Than A Bob Ross Pop!? A Bob Ross Pop! With Props!

by Christine Marie Attardo

Are you a fan of Joy of Painting star Bob Ross? Did you want to own several vinyl collectibles in his honor? If your answer is yes, then you’re going to be a happy camper as Funko releases a series of new renditions. This is the second series in the Bob Ross collection, but this time, Ross has PROPS!
Here’s what Funko has to say:

This series features The Joy of Painting host in new Pop! variations, Bob Ross with one of his favorite animals, a baby raccoon! Well isn’t that cute? Look for the chase piece, Bob Ross with a baby owl! A rarity of 1-in-6!

Take a look at the chase…

I’ll pretty much take anything that features a baby owl…anything. I particularly love the sleepy look of this owl. The others are pretty cute too…

Don’t worry though…if you’re not into the animals there’s an option for you too! A giant paintbrush!

Don’t miss out on this fun new collection. You can look for him in stores this December!

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