Hellboy Offers First Look; Daniel Dae Kim Confirms Involvement

by Erik Amaya

The Hellboy Twitter account announced its presence by posting the first look image of the title character as he will be played by David Harbour.

Considering that the design is pretty iconic, there’s only so many tweaks one can make to Hellboy’s look; though I do notice his skin is more fleshy than the Ron Perlman version. Also, the Right Hand of Doom looks more like something grafted onto him than a part of his body. Fans of the Hellboy comic series will get why that subtle change matters — and why it may even hint to events in the reboot film. Of course, no Hellboy look is complete without his trench coat and, hopefully, a photo featuring that essential costume piece will soon arrive.
UPDATE: And as soon as I asked for it, David Harbour posted a picture with the coat: FURTHER UPDATE: Harbour deleted the photo, but the text remains:

Meanwhile, actor Daniel Dae Kim told The Hollywood Reporter that he will play Major Ben Daimio in the film. He also thanked actor Ed Skrein for stepping down from the role. “He could not have addressed the issue more elegantly and I remain indebted to him for his strength of character,” said the actor. Daimio, a character of Japanese heritage, became a symbol of the continuing tendency to white wash Asian or Asian-American characters in Hollywood films; the public outcry lead to Skrein’s decision to walk away from the part.
According to Kim’s statement, he began working on the production today. The film is scheduled for release next year.

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