IDW: PDX’s Dirk Wood Launches Print-Only ‘Full Bleed: The Comics And Culture Quarterly’

by Hannah Means Shannon

We knew that the founding of the Portland office for IDW was poised to generate a magazine edited by Dirk Wood, but now we not only know what that magazine is, but can support it directly since it’s currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
Wood announced the first project to come out of the publisher’s new Portland office and Woodworks imprint at Rose City Comic Con this past weekend, and on September 12th, the project started funding on Kickstarter as the flagship publication: Full Bleed.

Full Bleed is a brand-new quarterly, print-only, 200-page hardcover magazine, curated and edited by Wood alongside CEO and Publisher, Ted Adams.
Set to cover “comics, fiction, non-fiction, in-depth interviews, opinion, history, think-pieces, and more”, Full Bleed is slated to be a unique reading experience. Wood promises an international perspective, but plenty of Portland flavor, in the periodical which will focus on “creative culture”.
The goals of the publication are are “true and total diversity through its “content, creators and contributors, as well as genre and format”.
Ted Adams says:

IDW is always at its best when we’re breaking new ground and FULL BLEED is the latest example. Not only is it a great magazine, but I’m also excited about the way we’re launching it. We’re not using Kickstarter to crowdsource funds in the usual sense, because IDW doesn’t need to raise money that way. We’re using Kickstarter to appeal directly to readers and, in an unprecedented and revolutionary way, we’ve worked it out so comic shops can order the books via Kickstarter and have them fulfilled by Diamond. We’re always looking for new ways to sell our books and comics, and we won’t stop until everyone on Earth with a bookshelf knows what IDW can do.

Wood shares:

This project is a dream come true. Working with such an amazing group of creators, on such a labor of love, is so much fun. If you think we’ve got a lot of crazy-good content lined up for the first one, just wait until you see what’s coming.

About IDW and Woodworks:
Following the December launch of Woodworks, IDW and Woodworks will be creating a campaign to help Traveling Stories, a charity dedicated to children’s literacy and “outsmarting poverty one book at a time,” as well as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to help with their continued work for literacy and libraries. Woodworks aims to make “smart books for smart people,” with the hope of “helping to make a few more smart people.”
Full Bleed is currently funding on Kickstarter with the first volume scheduled for release in early December.

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