Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’s Angela Robinson To Adapt Strangers In Paradise

by Erik Amaya


Get ready for live action versions of Katchoo and Francine as Terry Moore’s Strangers In Paradise begins a journey to the screen.
Deadline reports Moore is teaming up with Professor Marston and the Wonder Women director Angela Robinson to bring his tale of true love and mob ties to theaters. The site’s description of Moore’s (mostly) self-published comic book plays up the mob angle and suggests Katchoo is “living a quiet life with everything going for her.” But that life starts to unravel with the arrival of David Qin and a group looking for Katchoo and the missing $850,000 of mob money.
No mention is made of Francine’s ex-boyfriend, his ex-wife, Griffin Silver, or Tambi. Then again, how does one fit all of that material into one film? Maybe their plan is a very specific version of SiP.
“Terry Moore writes real female characters with such breathtaking sensitivity,” said Robinson in a statement. “With Strangers in Paradise he pulls off the nearly impossible — a sexy, stylish crime story with tons of heart.” The focus on crime is somewhat surprising.
When Moore began the series, it hewed closer to a slice-of-life comic about Francine, David and Katchoo. During the second volume, he introduced the crime elements with David turning out to be the twin brother of Katchoo’s former boss and ex-lover Darcy Parker. These ideas were expanded upon during the third volume, but the tension between the slice-of-life and crime plots fueled seeming reboots and other attempts to dismiss the more outlandish moments of the series. The sprawling tone thrilled some of the fans and left others — like me — soured on SiP as a whole.
But perhaps a tighter focus will make a film version of Strangers in Paradise one worth watching. I remember when my group of friends discovered the book at the 1994 San Diego Comic-Con and how it felt so different and fresh from the material we were reading at the time. Maybe Robinson and Moore have found a way to make it fresh again.

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