Shaun Sipos Joins Syfy’s Krypton As Adam Strange

by Erik Amaya


Deadline reports that actor Shaun Sipos has joined the cast of Syfy’s upcoming Krypton as Adam Strange.
Created by Julius Schwartz and Murphy Anderson, Strange first appeared in the pages of Showcase #17 as an archeologist transported to the world of Rann via the “Zeta-Beam.” There, he adventured in a mode similar to John Carter of Mars with a high tech space suit. He became Rann’s defender and fell in love with Alanna, the first inhabitant of Rann he met. Sadly, the effects of the Zeta-Beam wore off, returning Strange to Earth. But armed with the knowledge of subsequent Zeta-Beam transmissions, he always found a way back.
Under the guidance of writer Gardner Fox, Strange tales continued in the pages of Mystery in Space for nearly fifty issues. He also made a number of guest appearances in titles like Justice League of America in the 1970s and Starman in the late 1990s. Along the way, he also featured in one-shots and miniseries altering his origins and modernizing his space suit.
On Krypton, Strange will find himself stranded on Superman’s homeworld instead of Rann. There, he will become an unlikely mentor to Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), grandfather of Kal-El. As Seg attempts to restore honor to the House of El, Strange will presumably try to find a way home. I also imagine the audience will be invited to determine whether or not Strange is a wanderer in time and space. Or, perhaps, they’ll just present him as a man of, say, the 1940s or establish the series as happening concurrently with modern-day earth.
I have to say, the inclusion of Strange makes me far more interested in the Superman prequel than I’d been previously.
Krypton comes to Syfy in 2019.

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