The Return Of Grant Morrison and Steve Yowell’s Zenith In 2000AD Prog 2050

by Olly MacNamee

Out on September 27th here in the UK, but later in the US of A, Prog 2050 of the galaxy’s greatest comic is another jumping on point for any new or lapsed readers. Here’s what you’ll get in this bumper sized 48 page special issue:
Prog 2050 is a bumper-sized 48pp jumping-on issue, featuring a whole new roster of stories – perfect if you want to jump on board with 2000 AD or are looking to rekindle your devotion to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!
From Celtic barbarian Sláine to transdimensional troubleshooters Indigo Prime, from future lawman Judge Dredd to mercenary marksmen Sinister Dexter, and from the origin of the Dark Judges in Fall of Deadworld to interplanetary immigration in Grey Area, there’s something for all in this special bumper edition!
There’s also a special one-off Rogue Trooper story from Starman and Scarlet Witch writer James Robinsonwith art by Hellblazer and Wacky Raceland artist Leonardo Manco!
Plus, as you’ve already read in the headline, the return of Grant Morrison and Steve Yowell’s much lamented superhero, Zenith, who looks a little bit older from the promo art that accompanied this announcement. But, will he be any the wiser?
For pre-orders jump on here for the UK and here for the US of A.

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