Frank Castle Goes Into Rambo Mode In New Punisher Teaser

by Erik Amaya

The Punisher Twitter account recently posted an exciting teaser of the upcoming Netflix series. In it, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) goes into Rambo mode to take out a bunch of Counter-strike wannabes. In fact, one shot looks like it was pulled directly from game footage:

Of course, it’s interesting to see Frank in the woods, hunted by heavily armed and presumably well-trained private military contractors. I wonder if they were sent by his old pal Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). You also have to wonder if that’s the person Frank claims he’s coming for as the teaser ends. But I suppose we’ll be guessing for a while yet as Netflix has not announced a release date for the series.
Although, considering Stranger Things returns in October, I think it’s safe to say Frank will be coming home for the holidays.

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