Indie Comics Swag! Small Press Expo 2017 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Small Press Expo 2017 in Maryland as a member of the Press, and bringing back a beautiful selection of reading materials from that self-published and small publisher-focused show. You can see the full yield above.

First, we have two mini-comics, one by Chris Gooch, The Effervescent Pill, whose book Bottled has recently been released by Top Shelf. Another, Electricity is Her Element, by Kathleen Kralowec, is in full-color and painstakingly hand-lettered, also available on ComiXology.

The Sons of Cain is a series by Charles Fetherolf, Magic Bullet is a mainstay of free comic broadsheets over the years, and Public Relations is an Ignatz Award-nominated series from Devil’s Due.

Here we have the forthcoming but early copy of Noah Van Sciver’s Johnny Appleseed with Paul Buhle, a self-published comic anthology, Mango Lizard by Dave Proch, and an Ignatz Award-nominated minit by Sabin Cauldron, Maleficium, featuring a coven of activist witches in the 1960’s. Last, but certainly not least, it’s Tarantula, an ogn published by Adhouse Books by the great duo of Fabian Rangel, Jr. and Alexis Ziritt, the same team who creates Space Riders at Black Mask. Feel free to envy the Space Riders patch Ziritt gave me, too.

Finishing things off, we have a debut self-published comic by Dave Proch, Homecoming King, and a three issue series from Alterna Press, Adam Wreck, published in their new newsprint format and priced at $1.99 each like the rest of the line. The colors on these issues look GREAT and I can’t wait to dive into some newsprint.
Look out for more specific discussions of these books, but for now, that’s the swag!

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