“Utinni!” Have You Seen Otis Frampton’s Jawas?

by Christine Marie Attardo

You know these little dudes from Star Wars? 

They’re called Jawas. You’d probably remember them if you heard their squeaky voices. Well, comic book creator and illustrator, Otis Frampton, has been drawing adorable cartoons about these creatures who maybe missed a lot of that Star Wars spotlight that they deserve.

Some of Otis’ other work includes a wonderful graphic novel style comic from Image called, Oddly Normal, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. (Find more about it here.) Now Otis is on a mission to bring the Jawas into the limelight, and he has a pitch prepared!
Here’s a bit of it:

Dear Marvel Comics, IDW, Lucasfilm and Disney…
Howdy! My name is Otis Frampton. I’m a comic book writer/artist and freelance illustrator. I have my own creator-owned series at Image Comics called “Oddly Normal.” I’m one of the two artists on the popular animated web series “How It Should Have Ended” (over 6 million subscribers on YouTube!). I’m a Lucasfilm-approved artist, having created thousands of Star Wars-themed sketch cards for Topps and done illustration work for StarWars.com.

Oh, and I’m also a huge Star Wars fan who loves to draw Jawas. It’s kinda my thing. I love telling visual stories about the diminutive desert scavengers. I started cranking out illustrations featuring the little buggers last year and I can’t seem to quit! You can see some of them HERE.

I’ve started to wish there was a comic book series about the bright-eyed buggers and I’d love to be the one to draw it. I’m not alone in this… many of my fans have told me they’d buy a comic about Jawas if I ever created one! Of course, I’d need you to hire me to create the book for people to buy it, right?

(Read the full pitch here.)
Look at how awesome these covers are…

Head on over to Otis’ website to see how you can make these comics a reality!

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