Kenan Yarar Will Join Mike Carey On Dynamite’s New Barbarella Comic

by Hannah Means Shannon

As announced previously, Dynamite is bringing Barbarella back to comics, that French heroine made famous by Jane Fonda’s film. The character is celebrating her 55th birthday this year, and her first ever American comic series will land in December.

Already slated to be written by the great Mike Carey, the series will now be drawn by Turkish artist Kenan Yarar (Hilal). Barbarella brand custodian and consulting editor Jean-Marc Lofficier will also be working on the project.

Yarar says:

When I was first told of Dynamite Editor Matt Idelson’s Barbarella project, I thought it was fascinating. Even though Barbarella is unruly, bold, attractive and sexually appealing, she wasn’t objectified and she has a strange universe that may lead to countless eccentric worlds. The thing that compelled me to absolutely take part in this project was reading Mike Carey’s script. The script was masterful and enjoyable in addition to having a solid philosophy and subtext to be the answer if someone bothered to ask me what kind of a comic book I’d like to work on as an artist. Also, the script demanded costumes, weapons, ships and worlds to be redesigned; the kind of work I delight in. I hope to present the script and Barbarella to Dynamite readers as fine and sophisticated as they truly are.

Kenan Yarar has been writing and illustrating comic books regularly for the last 25 years. He lives in an apartment which he uses as a home studio and shares it with a crow, a pigeon and a cat. Those are some interesting studio mates! Wonder if they’ll turn up in Barbarella.

Mike Carey enthuses:

I’m really excited to be working with Kenan Yarar. He’s an artist with an exuberant, dazzling, playful style that’s perfect for the book – and he’s a great collaborator, always coming up with left-field solutions to narrative problems.

In addition to this original comic book stories, Dynamite plans to develop Barbarella in further categories which include potential art books and 3D figurines.
Here’s an early look at some of Yarar’s linework on Barbarella:

Barbarella will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ October 2017 Previews catalog and is slated for release in December 2017.

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