The Little Red Wolf – A Gorgeous Retelling Of Little Red Riding Hood From Lion Forge

by Gary Catig

The Little Red Wolf, which is written and illustrated by Amelie Fléchais, was originally published in French. Lucky for us that are stateside, Lion Forge Comics, through their CubHouse imprint, has released an English translation that is due out today Wednesday, September 20th.
Although CubHouse comics and stories are intended for children 12 and under, this book can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The Little Red Wolf is a gorgeous and imaginative retelling of the classic tale Little Red Riding Hood, however in this version, Fléchais flips the script and has a young, innocent wolf pup dressed in a red cape as the protagonist. He must travel through the forest to deliver a rabbit to his grandmother. Before he leaves, he is warned by his mother to avoid a human hunter and his daughter as they do not take kindly to wolves. The story is pretty straightforward if you are familiar with the original children’s story, though there are a few unexpected surprises.

What really stands out in Fléchais tale is her artwork. Each page is magnificently illustrated with great detail. I enjoyed the little extras she incorporates into her backgrounds such as the additional little creatures and wildlife of the forest, or the subtle clues that foreshadow events to occur later in the story. Also, her shifts in color and shading throughout appropriately match changes in tone and mood.
Even though I admired the imagery and character design, the story can get dark at times and I can understand the art can be a little too intense for some younger children. In a similar way that parts of A Nightmare Before Christmas can be scary for some kids. Despite this, I feel this book is worth checking out for its new take on a familiar tale and the excellent illustrations.

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