‘The True Soul Of The X-Men’ – Jean Grey Returns In Phoenix Resurrection In December

by Hannah Means Shannon

People have been waiting for Jean Grey to come back for some time, given that her power is actually resurrection. And now that wait is nearly over. This winter, she’ll be returning to her X-family and to fans.

She will return in Phoenix Resurrection with a story by newly exclusive writer Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors, Punisher) and art by Leinil Yu (Secret Empire). The five-issue story will also feature five major artists taking on Jean Grey throughout the run, as well as Phoenix Variant covers that will begin in December.

Senior Editor Mark Paniccia says:

Matt came to us with a really interesting and unique approach to bringing Jean back. It’s not what we expected, and plays to Matt’s biggest strengths as a storyteller. This is very cool mystery building to a mind-warping climax. And it has plenty of what you’d expect from an X-MEN epic of this magnitude. Action, romance, sacrifice, lots of X-Men and five great artists.

In the series, strange events start occurring that are more specific and strange than usual, leading the X-Men to ask the question: could Jean be alive after all? And how will this Jean Grey deal with a world that is now so different from the one she left years ago?

Matthew Rosenberg says:

It’s such a mind-blowing honor to bring back the original Jean Grey. I’ve been an X-Men fan my whole life and Jean is, in my mind, the true soul of the X-Men. So we aren’t taking this lightly. We’re going for that perfect balance of universe shaking epic and intimate personal drama that only the X-Men ever truly achieve. This is all hands on deck for the X-Men as every available member heads into battle for the soul of their team and maybe even the fate of the Marvel Universe.

Phoenix Resurrection hits comic shops December 27th.

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