Swag! Baltimore Comic-Con Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

Baltimore Comic-Con was a particularly special experience for me this year because I was able to take part in the inaugural Ringo Awards as a judge. That was a big honor and enabled me to get to know fellow judges better, as well as experience the camaraderie and energy of the awards themselves. You can find more about that here.
But in my swag shot, you’ll see my lovely gift bag with a stash of books donated by publishers to the show, and two in particular that I was excited about were the full box set of Senator John Lewis’ March series from IDW and more of the great Archie comics that I’m a big fan of.
It was also a show where I decided to invest in some original comic art since I’ve finally been framing and hanging art in my office. Inspired by that, I picked up some more lovely pieces, including a large piece of inked work by Archie artist Dan Parent, and a smaller original piece depicting Fabian Lelay’s take on Daredevil. You can see Lelay’s work in Black Mask Studios’ Jade Street Protection Services. He also has a number of other projects in the work that we should hear more on soon.
Otherwise, I also got a great deal on two Doctor Who t-shirts, at the deeply discounted ten dollars each (more convention-going t-shirts are always on the cards for me), a Sabrina print from artist Jason Goungor, a gold edition of Faith #1 from Valiant, an issue of Heavy Metal Magazine from the 90’s that focuses on the work of Richard Corben, and two books from 44FLOOD studio’s Keith Carmack, including his new graphic novel distributed by IDW, Victorie City, and illustrated prose book Current. On Victorie City, the art by Vincent Nappi, and cover is by Ben Templesmith.
I’ve got some framing to do and some reading to explore, and those are great takeaways from Baltimore Comic-Con.

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