Ten Thoughts AND A Cliffhanger: The First Nine Episodes Of Fuller House Season 3

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last Friday, the first nine episodes Fuller House season 3 premiered on Netflix. As I predicted, a limited release of episodes is a big sign that we’ll be left with our jaws wide open at the end. Before I get to that, I want to give you the run down on how I felt about this new season so far with five positives and five negatives! Here we go…

One: DJ shining as a mom. It’s not that she hasn’t in past seasons, but I just love watching her open up more this season about her own tendencies and flaws. It’s really cool to have seen her as a small child all the way until motherhood.
Two: Stephanie can POSSIBLY have babies!!! The episode where Aunt Becky visits to take Stephanie to a fertility doctor was by far one of the best so far. It’s incredibly touching to see the generations come together to help Stephanie and I can’t wait to see how that part of her life unfolds.
Three: The episode where Max’s favorite stuffed animal, Uni, gets destroyed…simply heartwarming. Why? Stephanie offers him Mr. Bear. I’ve been waiting for a Mr. Bear cameo and we finally got it this season. It was a sweet and simple gesture with a comedic twist as she reveals that she can’t let the bear go.
Four: I liked the detail of new character, Rocki. Why? Because they went as far to make DJ and Stephanie’s high school classmate, Gia, her mom. It’s little nods to the original like that, that make me happy as a long-term fan.
Five: Uncle Jesse babysitting! I love that they centered an entire episode on him coming to watch all of the kids…including his own new baby Pamela. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire episode.
Six: I wasn’t as crazy about that musical opening scene as the rest of the internet seems to be. Even though Fuller House is a quirky show. It seemed TOO quirky to me.
Seven: Why does no one even mention Michelle? I mean, I get it. The Olsen Twins don’t want to participate. However, how could DJ and Stephanie not even give their sister a call? It would be easy enough to fake that, don’t you think?
Eight: Juan Pablo is funny, but he’s not THAT funny. He provides comic relief to a show that probably doesn’t need any more comedic relief to begin with. Most of the happenings with Kimmy and Juan Pablo have fallen flat for me this season. Though, I do find their daughter Ramona amusing and fun.
Nine: Matt’s character has changed…perhaps that’s because the writers were trying to make him appear as less than the charming veterinarian he was in the beginning of the show? Time will tell.
Ten: The legacy cast is officially being phased out. You might say, “It’s about time.” However, I worry that this is the beginning of the end for them. Even though they spread out their appearances in episodes, I wanted more.
Now, onto the most heart dropping detail. The cliffhanger. The one that I knew was coming…
The major arc of this season was DJ and Steve. Steve is getting married to CJ…not DJ…and for nine episodes, you’re kind of waiting for DJ to fall apart and open up about her true feelings. While the show did a good job of dropping hints on the two and their chemistry, there was no big reveal. The awkward moments and interactions kept me going though and I waited patiently for the episode that would focus on Steve’s wedding. Well, guess what? We didn’t get it. We got the plane ride to Japan where it is happening. At the last second, DJ confesses her true feelings for Steve, except she thinks she’s talking to Kimmy, covered with an eye-mask and headphones. Jaw dropping? Yes.

Meanwhile…this is happening:

So Matt is ready to propose to DJ, and she’s ready to break up Steve’s wedding? All we can do is wait for the announcement about Season 3B’s premiere date. Thankfully, you can re-watch all of Full House starting on September 29th on Hulu and the first three seasons of Fuller House on Netflix.

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