Lazarus To Become Amazon Prime Original

by Erik Amaya


Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus is one of three sci-fi shows in development at Amazon, according to Variety.
The comic book, published by Image, takes place in a near future in which feudalism has openly returned. The world is controlled by sixteen rival families always attempting to gain more power, territory and resources. Oh, they also need to keep popular revolutions down. To combat these external and internal threats, each family has a one-person army known as a Lazarus. One such Lazarus is Forever Carlyle, protector of the family in control of much of the world’s food supply.
Ruck will write with both he and Lark listed as executive producers.
The other two Amazon projects are equally exciting. One is an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s beloved Snow Crash, while the other utilizes Larry Niven’s Ringworld series as its source material. According to Variety, the three potential shows are part of push on the company’s part to get into more genre and event programing. Speaking as someone who watches mostly genre television at this point, I hope it works. The more high quality — or at least quality produced — genre shows out there means a greater variety of stories.
Maybe they should look into picking up Dark Matter while they’re at it.

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