This Is How Many Tissues I Used For The Season 2 Premiere Of This Is Us

by Christine Marie Attardo

Yes, having a box of tissues next to me during NBC’This is Us has become a habit. Anyone who has ever watched the show would probably agree that you just can’t fight off the tears sometimes. This week brought us the Season 2 premiere of the hit show and it was an intense one!

When we left off last season, the older generation of Pearson’s were all at different crossroads in their life. The premiere showed us how these new life decisions are working out. We got to see Kevin acting in his new movie, Randall convincing Beth to adopt, and Kate auditioning to sing in a wedding band. As always, the older generation story lines were entertaining, but definitely less emotional than the past flashbacks that we were dying for.

The Jack and Rebecca fight from the Season 1 finale left me crushed. With that said, we got a pretty quick resolution with this episode because Rebecca convinces Jack to come back home with her after a short time. Even though the proud father confesses that he has a serious drinking problem and needs help, Rebecca insists that they will solve the problem together. We see the two of them getting in the car and Rebecca tells him that in a few months everything will be back to normal.
Except that hopeful scene quickly turns into a tornado of emotion that probably amounts to a minute and thirty seconds of screen time. I grasped onto my pillow as we saw, in what was presumably a few months into the future, Rebecca now driving alone, the teenagers crying, and the Pearson home completely burnt and destroyed. Oh, and did I mention Jack’s belongings in a small plastic bag in the back seat?

It’s not a concrete explanation of Jack’s death by any means…but there are clues…and the truth is coming! Overall, I am completely impressed that the creator would reveal so much in the first episode of the second season. It gives me a lot of hope for this season and the potential for storytelling. Unsure if this is how the show had always planned for things to go?
Creator and Writer Dan Fogelman told IndieWire:

There was never another idea…Day One, I said I had this image in my head of what had happened to him. I told it when I delivered my script to NBC. I said, ‘You have to know what happens in Seasons 1, 2,, 3 and 4; you have to know what happened to Jack; and you have to know when we’re going to show it and how we’re going to show it.

(Read the full interview here.)
With all that said, I went through about five tissues…and that’s mostly because I re-watched the last minute and thirty seconds several times. It’s truly chilling.
Don’t believe me? Stream it on Hulu and see for yourself. I’ll be back next week with more tissues.

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