Gordon Looks For Falcone Aid In Gotham Preview

by Erik Amaya

On Gotham, it never quite goes right for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). He managed to survive a brush with fear toxin and now he needs to convince Carmine Falcone (John Doman) to help him with the Penguin. That can only be a recipe for disaster, right?

Meanwhile, Bruce (David Mazouz) continues his nighttime activities, but he has to make a decision about Selina. I mean, that’s always the way with the Batman and his OTP. In some realities, they do end up together. In others, they chase each other on rooftops until their bones wither to dust. I’m almost terrified to find out what they’re up to in the Dark Multiverse. But on Gotham, she may end being the liability Alfred (Sean Pertwee) suggests. Will Bruce ever agree?
Gotham airs Thursdays on FOX.

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