Big Belly Burger Gets A CW Ad Of Its Very Own

by Erik Amaya

It might be a gag, but it’s a good gag.
The CW recently posted a fake ad for Big Belly Burger, the DC Comics staple fast food chain, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the return of their DC Entertainment television series. It’s a funny video highlighting the fake business’s various appearances on The Flash and Arrow. It also promises a new franchise in Supergirl‘s National City.

First established in a 1988 issue of The Adventures of Superman, Big Belly Burger became a proxy restaurant for anything the Superman writing team wanted to poke fun at. While clearly a reference to Bob’s Big Boy, it quickly began to parallel McDonald’s in the DC Universe of the 1990s. In fact, it was eventually revealed that the chain was owned by LexCorp. Of course, that was two universes ago, so I’m not entirely sure who owns the chain these days.
Come to think of it, I wonder who own Big Belly Burger in the Berlantiverse? It could be an L-Corp subsidiary on Earth-36, but what of Earth-1? Maybe Damien Darhk supplements his income by owning and operating the Star City Big Belly Burger.
The CW superhero shows return starting October 9th.

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