The Super Powers Of Cannabis – Weed Magic Debuts At NYCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

On October 4th, the comic Weed Magic will go public, created by Bliss on Tap, and independent publisher of comics and graphic novels.
Get ready for a slow burn of puns below concerning this title:
Weed Magic features “two best buds looking for kush on the most celebrated day of the year for stoners and recreational marijuana users all around the world, 4/20”. When they discover the entire supply in the city is sold out, they must decide what price they are willing to pay for a “bag of green that when smoked gives them true super powers and changes their lives forever”.

Written by Brian Phillipson and Jordan Lichtman with art by Alex Cormack, Weed Magic will arrive in comic book shops starting October 4th and will also be available digitally on all major distribution platforms, including Amazon, Apple iTunes, Hoopla, Comixology, Google, and more.
At New York Comic Con, Bliss on Tap will be featuring Weed Magic at booth #945, and they say: “Show up and ask for the special strain of mystic for a special free collectible”.
Jordan Lichtman says:

We have been life-long comic book fans and it was a joint decision to write a comic that weed like to see in stores.

Brian Phillipson,  president and co-founder of Bliss on Tap Publishing, adds:

Some superheroes get their powers after getting bit. Ours get their powers after taking a giant hit. It’s high time that there was a comic book about the super powers unleashed by smoking a mystical, exotic strain of cannabis.

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