Alyssa Milano’s Hacktivist Gets A Second Chance At The CW

by Erik Amaya


After a false start, The CW is looking to develop Hacktivist once again.
Deadline reports the network will develop a new script from writer Grant Thompson. Around this time last year, the network assigned Matt Corman and Chris Ord to the project, but ultimately passed.
The Archaia series was created by Alyssa Milano — but written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with art from Marcus To — and centered on a pair of twentysomething social media entrepreneurs. They’ve managed to become the most important service in the business, attracting the attention of the CIA. But as their work for the agency comes with greater and greater risks, they begin to wonder if they can trust the CIA.
The title was released on digital platforms in 2013, with a four-issue miniseries and a collected edition following the next year. Hacktivist was received favorable, but no further comic books ever materialized.
Both television versions are produced by Archaia’s parent company, Boom! Studios.

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