Maybe We Need More All Ages Comics If Angelic #1 Is Anything To Go By

by Olly MacNamee

This was an already well received comic book in the early reviews, but I held off posting my own till now, as Angelic #1 was finally released last week and it’s well worth a look at as a slight departure for Simon ‘Si’ Spurrier. It’s a comic aimed at younger readers than he’s used to writing for. The series has art by Caspar Wijngaard, who is a perfect fit for this kind of all-ages story with his clean, clear no-nonsense line work perfectly accompanied by the light, delicate, glowing colours he brings to the page. This may be a post-apocalyptic world full of talking animals and flying furries but its a stunning, glowing world nonetheless.

The world of Angelic is established effortlessly by Spurrier and Wijngaard as we meet the various mutated animal species in this first issue and their place within this not-too-unfamilar society in which you should know your place and position. Conformity and unquestioning loyalty seem to be the order of the day, but not a conformity that sits well with everyone. Quora, a young winged monkey has the audacity to question ‘Why?‘ only to be met with disdain and the threat of arranged marriage. Apparently that’ll quash any rebellious thoughts she harbours.
But, even before she can come to terms with this dreaded fate, she’s off and flies into potential adventure and a final page reveal that takes Quora, our heroine, by surprise.

A patriarchal society that worships an uncaring and absent God and a young teenage winged monkey daring to question the status quo. This and the sort of peril one can imagine in a world where animals have mutated, adapted through cybernetic enhancements, but it’s also a society that clings to the hope that humanity–who have clearly left this world of ours behinds many moons ago–will return.
And, it’s a world that Quora is right to question, just as we should keep on questioning our own deluded leaders. Quora is only starting on her quest, and this issue is a great debut offering the reader enough world building and an eclectic cast of characters to appeal to not just younger readers but all ages. As post-apocalyptic worlds go, this is one very colourful one with equally colourful characters.
Angelic #1 is currently available from Image Comics.

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