NYCC ’17: Lego Brings BrickHeadz Exclusive Boba Fett And Han Solo In Carbonite Set

by Gary Catig

Whenever Lego attends conventions, they always have some of the most sought after exclusives from their mini figures to their play sets. With NYCC only a few days away, the company finally showed what their BrickHeadz Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite exclusive will look like.
The set is comprised of 329 pieces and will retail for $40. The Han Solo in Carbonite does not stand out with the gray color scheme, but it does appear his eyes are closed, which is a first for the BrickHeadz line. I think the real treasure here are is the Boba Fett as there is great detail from his antennae and jet pack down to his weapon. This would be a fine collectible set for any Star Wars fan.

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