The End Is Here! More On DC’s Doomsday Clock Series From Geoff Johns Ahead Of NYCC Reveal

by Olly MacNamee

Geoff Johns wants us to walk away from this one and feel as though we haven’t read a comic like this for some time, if ever! That’s one Hell of a bold statement.
Johns explains the close-up panels and teasers we’ve seen so far in Part Two of this shared series via DC’s All Access. Although, I have to admit, for someone with the payola he must have, I thought he’d be able to afford a t-shirt that fit him, right?
Anyway, here’s the full video now ahead of the big reveal at NYCC this Friday:

Catch him Friday night at 6pm only at NYCC. Or, watch the Livestream like I’ll have to make do with on the DC Comics’ Facebook page.

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