UNBOXING! Disney Treasures Impresses With Haunted Forest Theme

by Christine Marie Attardo

I had almost forgotten the theme of October’s Disney Treasures box on Funko. When I saw it sitting on my doorstep, I squeaked with happiness at the thought of the spooky content. I’m here to tell you that it did not disappoint!

It’s Halloween season, and that means celebrating our favorite Disney villains. The box started off with a Magic Mirror patch and a Jafar pin. Pretty unique choices if you ask me.

The fun continued with a new and different surprise! A tote featuring your favorite ghostly dog-Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas.

…and a villain to chase all other living dogs…Cruella De Vil.

I really appreciated the Mystery Minis POP! that comes from one of my favorite rides The Haunted MansionOur very own hitchhiking ghost…

I love his translucent nature. Oh, and yes I did immediately listen to “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” after seeing him. You should too…

…but guess what? That’s not all! The absolute best part of the box, and I’m sure you will agree, had to be the Maleficent dragon!

I mean…come on! What a fantastically designed collectible! It now sits proudly on my desk providing lots of inspiration. For more information on how to get your own Disney Treasures box, check out their website. It’s TOTALLY worth it.
The next theme sounds like it’ll be a winter wonderland…

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