Hellboy‘s Andrew Cosby To Adapt Stephan Franck’s Silver

by Erik Amaya


Comic Con mainstay Silver may soon become a feature film.
Deadline reports Andrew Cosby, one of the screenwriters of the Hellboy reboot, will adapt the comic book for Solipsist Films. Based on the series by Stephan Franck, it centers on James Finnigan; a con man who uses his wits to separate the living-dead from their precious silver in a 1930s where Dracula was a real flesh and, um, blood being. Nevertheless, Finnigan intends to pull of a legendary heist and assembles a crew worthy of the crime.
Franck, of course, will be familiar from his many appearances at comic conventions around the country. He parlayed his notoriety as a story editor on The Iron Giant to successfully position Silver as the comic book you had to buy while wondering the aisles of the dealer’s room. His ability to sell the story also led to two successful Kickstarter campaigns and, it seems, a feature film option.
Silver is not currently scheduled for release.

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