NYCC ’17: Kid Brooklyn Debuts With “Comics With A Cause”

by James Ferguson

If you’re heading to New York Comic Con this week, swing by booth #1071 to check out the debut of Kid Brooklyn. The new comic from father and son duo, Joseph and Jaden Anthony, is based on a real kid from Brooklyn and his friends who are given super powers to save the planet. The comic is setting out on with a lofty goal to change the world by educating kids about environmental and social issues.

Kid Brooklyn follows the title character (aka Jaden Anthony) who was entrusted with rare “Sun Stones” by an alien being trying to prevent his race from taking over the Earth by destroying its natural resources. These stones give Jaden and his friends super powers, amplifying natural talents, capabilities, and what’s in their hearts. If they fall into the wrong hands, they can do the same thing for evil. Fortunately, Kid Brooklyn and his buds are the good guys.
The comic has some definite heart to it, as Jaden Anthony has been a super hero of sorts since birth. He was born premature and was under two pounds. He has strong aspirations of being an engineer and a scientist and he wants to make the world a better place by helping children.

Jaden’s father, Joseph Anthony says:

I have a kid that chose to be a vegetarian and an environmental activist on his own. How could I not help him to create something to inspire kids just like him all over the world? The secret to education and entertainment working together is inspiring others and I see that in Jaden and his friends every day.

For more information about Kid Brooklyn, you can check out the official website or Facebook page.

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