Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.2 Recap: Can The Crew Save Jake And Diaz Before It’s Too Late?

by Gary Catig

[Spoilers for the episode ahead]
When we last left our ragtag crew of the Nine-Nine, Diaz and Peralta were still in jail and the rest of the precinct still had no leads to clear the names of their imprisoned colleagues.  The episode started with Peralta trying to impress his new gang lead by Romero (Lou Diamond Phillips) by saying the movie Training Day was based off his life.  To further his street cred, he spits in a guard’s face when he defiantly refuses to give up his lemon cookie.  The guard altercation was all a ruse as it was a way for Jake to meet with the warden and inform him on the gang’s activity.  He’s put in the precarious situation to either find Romero’s method of smuggling new designer drug, blizz, or risk being outed as a snitch.

After failed attempts to break into Romero’s inner circle, Peralta decides to do some good old-fashioned police work to find the secret drug stash.  Along with his new friend and roommate Caleb the Cannibal (Tim Meadows), Jake begins to investigate Romero.  They find he is smuggling the drugs via bars of soap and portions them out in the shower since there are no cameras.  Unfortunately, in the process he gets dosed with the blizz, actually its crystal meth but they changed the name since it has an image problem.
Jake shoots to the top of Romero’s hitlist when all his drugs become confiscated.  Out in the yard, Romero confronts the imprisoned cop to castrate him and kick him to death, his preferred method of dealing with snitches.  Caleb comes to the rescue and takes a shiv for his best friend.  Peralta has avoided a cruel fate this time, but will his friends save him in time?
Outside of prison, it seems the stress of being separated from Jake has taken its toll on Santiago so she’s unwinding in the only place she can, a library.  While there, she is approached by the biggest mobster in the city, Seamus Murphy.  He proposes helping her find evidence to free Jake for an owed favor.  Amy brings this up to the rest of the Nine-Nine since all their other leads have dried up, but they are hesitant in pursuing that option in fear of being indebted to a criminal.  Besides, Boyle has created a Serial-type podcast in hopes of freeing Jake and Rosa.

The crew decide to monitor the cell phone of Melanie Hawkins, the person responsible for framing their friends.  In order to place a mirroring app onto her phone, they set up a meeting with Hawkins and Diaz at prison.  While Melanie is preoccupied, Boyle and Santiago break into her car and download the app.  Holt runs interference by chatting up the parking lot guard by convincingly playing a straight man.  After all, what heterosexual man is not intoxicated by the clear absence of a penis.  We then cutaway to a Diaz dream sequence where she breaks through the glass and enacts her revenge on Hawkins by roughing her up and stabbing her.
The Nine-Nine follow the phone evidence to a locker in a bus station but it was all a set up.  Hawkins is one step ahead of them and calls to gloat.  The crew regroup at the precinct where Holt re-listens to Boyle’s podcast and catches a key clue in the case.  They are able to find the evidence, catch Hawkins, and free Jake and Rosa.  In the end, they are all reunited at their favorite watering hole.  While celebrating, Holt receives a phone call from the gangster Seamus Murphy.  It appears it wasn’t just good detective work that solved the case.  The captain took up the criminal’s offer in order to bring his people home.  This is an intriguing development as I’m sure the favor is going to come at an inopportune time during the season.
My favorite three lines:
Santiago: And how is your podcast supposed to get Jake out of prison?
Boyle: I lay out the facts, people see he was framed.  I build an audience.  I get a celebrity listener.  It’s Deborah Messing.  She tweets a link.  Now, Sean Hayes is involved.
Santiago: A three hundred call number in the fine arts section?  What is this, Beirut?
Hitchcock: Ooooh, she’s up to something.  Snapchat messages disappear.  You can send anything to anybody and after they see it, it’s like I never sent it.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm on Fox

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