Green Lanterns #32 Brings Simon And Jessica Back Down to Earth…Literally

by James Ferguson

After training the original seven Green Lanterns ten billion years ago, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have been pulled back to the present and are finally back on their home turf. Before enjoying some much needed and well deserved pancakes, they’re called away to deal with an alien threat terrorizing a nearby town. The duo then resolves some conflicts in Simon’s personal life that were caused by their recent trip through space.

I’ve always felt that there’s a strange understanding when it comes to loved ones entering super heroics. These are the people left behind to hold the fort or deal with the day-to-day life, while their significant other, sibling, or best friend is out saving the world. They may not always agree with it, but they get the need for it. We’ve seen this best in characters like Lois Lane and Alfred, who will help out when they can and will always be there to confide in.
Simon doesn’t quite have that yet. His family has not come to grips with the fact that his duty as a Green Lantern will call him off-world from time-to-time, causing him to miss activities at home. It’s unfortunate, but it’s part of the job. One could argue that it’s no different than a police officer or firefighter forced to work during holidays.
Since Corps Leader John Stewart reminded Simon and Jessica that they have to patrol all of Space Sector 2814 and not just Earth (despite what Hal Jordan told them at the beginning of the series), Simon has to settle things at home with his brother-in-law Nazir. This is handled in true sitcom fashion as they’re locked in the bathroom until they can work things out. Meanwhile, Jessica and Simon’s sister Sira are having fun at a house party.

What’s interesting and a little frustrating with these characters is that they are really completely different people out of uniform. Simon and Jessica just went through an insane adventure through time and space that really helped them grow as individuals, confronting their fears head on. Now they’re back on Earth and are faced with the same trials and tribulations they had before joining the Green Lantern Corps and they’re basically crippled. You’d hope that they’d learn from their time in the Corps and be able to apply some of that to their home life, but it’s not that easy.
The human quality of the characters is what really comes out here. Although we get a jaw-dropping fight scene brilliantly illustrated by artist Scott Godlewski, this is a pretty low-key issue of Green Lanterns. We get a deeper insight into who they are when they hang up the rings and how they’ve been using them as a security blanket of sorts.

Godlewski’s artwork brings out that human element in a natural setting. It’s refreshing to see Simon and Jessica in a place where they’re not worried about an alien menace every two seconds. They’re able to relax a little which is an unfamiliar position for them. They come across as real people here.
More importantly, we see how the two of them have bonded. They are a fantastic team and can rely on one another for anything, both in and out of costume. There are only a few other people that have anything close to the shared experiences that Simon and Jessica have. I just hope the creators don’t try to force a romance between the two. That might work in the right circumstances, but I think right now they work best as friends and teammates. They both still have a lot of personal issues to get over before tackling something like that.

Green Lanterns #32 works like a reset for Simon and Jessica, literally bringing them back down to Earth, however it also opens up their world a bit as it looks like we’re going to get some adventures in the extended space sector too. These characters have quickly become some of my favorite Green Lanterns thanks in no small part to writer Sam Humphries take on them. This is especially true of Jessica who comes across as the fun, quirky, and natural Green Lantern we so desperately needed.
Green Lanterns #32 is currently available at your local comic shop or digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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