NYCC ’17: Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Bursts Onto The Scene

by Erik Amaya

The Apocalypse begins anew in the trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising. But Stacker Pentecost’s son, Jake (John Boyega), is here to stop it with his advanced Jaeger.

Boyega, a producer on the film, told the New York Comic Con crowd that he wanted to expand on the world Guillermo del Toro created in the first film and worked with directed Steven S. DeKnight to develop the new Jaegers.
Picking up ten years after the first film, Jake discovers his purpose as a Jaeger pilot when the Kaiju return in monstrous new forms. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman also return as scientists Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb. Joining them is new recruits Scott Eastwood.
At the NYCC panel, DeKnight said he hopes the film will be the first in a “larger Pacific Rim universe.”
Pacific Rim: Uprising comes to theaters on March 23rd, 2018

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