5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 27: A Shinobi Bout of Friendship

by Sage Ashford

Welcome back!  Last episode, the class saw one of their own, Denki, kidnapped by a group of Hidden Mist genin!  How will Boruto and the others get him back? Remember, if you enjoy 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook and Twitter!  And if you have any questions or comments, hit me up on Twitter @SageShinigami!
1. After the build-up of Denki being kidnapped last episode, I was really hoping that this would lead to something of a major fight. Instead, Boruto and the others managed to fetch Kagura in order to meet up with Hachiya and his other delinquent friends…for what essentially amounted to a street fight. They go out of their way to point out how Hachiya and his buddies are Genin of the Hidden Mist Village. Naruto kinda downplayed it by introducing the Chuunin Exam fairly early on, but being a Genin is actually a big deal–the nation trusts you enough to go on missions of some importance, which means they have confidence in your combat abilities.
But in the face of all these kids whose parents are all ace ninja, they all got handled like some chumps. I thought at least Hachiya would have some kind of cool technique that lead to such confidence in his abilities, but seemingly his confidence came from owning a sword…in a city of swordsmen. …Against a dude who’s so good with swords he’s in line to be the next Mizukage. What I’m saying is, these guys are idiots and probably shouldn’t live very long in a world of ninja.
2. It’s been hinted at from the moment we met the character, but apparently Kagura has some pretty severe PTSD, dating back to his time in the Ninja Academy. As it turns out, Kagura is the grandson of the 4th Mizukage, the Jinchuriki of the Three-Tailed Beast, and responsible for really proliferating the “Bloody Mist Village” name. While Kagura was practicing with his swordsmanship skills, it’s believed he…killed his sparring partner? Either killed or cut his arm off, despite Naruto flashbacks usually being overly detailed they’re never completely clear on what he did, we just know he went too far, and since then Kagura’s been terrified of actually putting his sword skills to use.
Now, a few things about this. For one, if Kagura IS the grandson of the Mizukage who was literally and figuratively a monster, why would anyone want him to take over? Why wouldn’t you be afraid of him doing the same thing his grandfather did? And if the response to that is, “He’s not like his grandfather, he’s a good kid”, then why hasn’t anyone told him that? He’s been wandering around this village for who knows how long blaming himself for his actions and literally thinking he and Yagura are the same person, and it’s not until Boruto and company assure him he can be a different person that he starts to believe it. And lastly–the current Mizukage seems quite young, so why are we trying to groom the next one so soon regardless?
3. This arc seems to be all about peeling back clean veneer of the time skip to reveal the grimy history of the all the ninja villages. It seems there was a dual purpose to this field trip all along, as the middle of the episode is devoted to Anko, Shino, and the fifth Mizukage discussing a potential conflict arising between the Land of the Mist and everyone else, as the feudal lords of the Land of the Waves still believe themselves capable of “expanding” their territory. It’s a brief discussion, but one that reminds you of some stuff: even though the Kages have all the military might they still don’t run everything, which is a fascinating change from how things are run in real life. Second, somehow Boruto exists in a world where they have films and trains but also a feudal lord that actually runs everything, which is…interesting.
4. The end of the episode has Hachiya back with his hidden benefactor, explaining that Kagura will likely be next in line to be Mizukage. Unsurprisingly, the person behind it all is the guy who saved Boruto and the others from getting into a fight a couple episodes ago. Given that Hachiya’s failed twice, he seemingly kills him…maybe. I’m still not sure Boruto has the narrative cojones to go through with that yet–it could’ve just been “ink” or something. Our villain looks like a weird ocean animal anyway, what with all the gills.
If Hachiya IS dead, I’ve literally got zero pity for him. While Kagura and the Konoha Kids are playing Shinobi Bout (which looks like a less complex Uno), he explains how Hachiya was something like a friend, but after hearing about the city’s time as the Bloody Mist Village he became obsessed with that history and started making steps to take that direction. But Zabuza explained as clearly as possible that the Bloody Misty Village was a “kill or be killed” place, where only the strong survived and the weak were eliminated. So what’s Kuwabara’s infinitely more useless cousin trying to do here bringing that era back? Was this like a super complicated method of suicide?
5. Next Episode: Boruto and Kagura come face to face with the mastermind behind it all. What does Shizuma have in mind for Kagura?
Hold up, we’re STILL in the Hidden Mist Village next week? I really thought this was going to bring it all to a close and we could re-visit this land later, when more interesting things were going on. Instead it looks like we’re delving deeper into Kagura’s past and what Shizuma has planned for him, which seemingly is just waging war on every other nation until either the other nations are all gone or theirs is. This is an absolutely horrible idea, and presumably exactly why they should’ve gone to the adults instead of trying to hide it so they could continue their field trips.
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