NYCC ’17: Saving the Universe In The Most Adorable Way In Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

by Gary Catig

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 held a panel Friday morning at NYCC to provide an inside look at the new video game due in stores in November.  In attendance were many of the talent behind the scenes including Arthur Parsons, the head of design at TT Games, Bill Roseman, the executive creative director for Marvel Games, Justin Ramsden, a designer for Lego, Kurt Busiek, writer of comics and the game, and voice talent and actor Peter Serafinowicz.
The big bad of the game is Kang the Conqueror.  Having Kang the main villain allowed developers to pull a vast array of characters from different eras and dimensions in the Marvel universe and collect them in one place, Chronopolis, the main setting.  Heroes and villains alike must traverse the open hub world of Chronopolis and work together to take down Kang and save the universe.
Some of the storylines of the game are inspired by the comics Avengers Forever and Kang Dynasty, which happen to be written by Busiek.  Being very familiar with the source material, Busiek was able to streamline the process of bringing the story to the game and bring an authenticity to make it the most Marvel it can be.
Serafinowicz, currently known for playing the Tick, provides the voice for Kang.  He approached the character as someone who was bullied as a child and is now out to prove to everyone he is powerful by taking on the world’s biggest superheroes.
Some of the new features include Character Cards, which highlight character powers and their first appearance in comics.  This provides players with a little bit more information about the heroes and villains, especially the more obscure ones.  Another feature is the Gwenpool side missions, which replace the Deadpool side missions from the first game.  These missions may not be in continuity with the main story, but are still fun to play.
The game will have over 200 playable characters and the audience were fortunate enough to see images of some of the cast.  The list of teased characters includes:

Captain Avalon (part of the medieval world)
Grand Master
Arizona Annie (part of the wild west world where MODOK is Sheriff)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Chipmunk Hunk
Koi Boy
Luke Cage
Misty Knight
Phantom Rider
Ghost Rider
Ursa Major
Charlie-27 (not included in the game but is part of downloadable content)
Red Wolf
Living Totem
Hulk 2099
At the end of the panel, the audience were treated with posters of legoized comic covers like Planet Hulk and Tales of Asgard.  The artwork was done by Dan Vessenmyer.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 will be released on November 14, 2017.

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