This Is How Many Tissues I Used During Season 2 Ep. 2 Of This Is Us

by Christine Marie Attardo

Less, but not by much. I mean, after the mind blowing series premiere of This is Us last week, it’s a good thing the writer gave us a build up episode. With that said, it wasn’t absent of emotional material.

My main concern for the episode was how much of Jack’s alcohol addiction would be tackled. It was a good introduction to it as he admitted to needing more help this time than when the kids were much younger. I enjoyed seeing that transition back and forth. As always, the flashbacks enhanced the overall feel of the episode.
The present day content was a bit more lighthearted as we watched Kevin reprise his role as the “Manny” for an episode, Randall and Beth continued to tackle their woes about adoption, and Kate fell into an opportunity for her first singing gig. For me, the best part of it all was Kate reacting to the presence of her mother in her life. Also a singer, Rebecca attempted to guide and encourage Kate throughout childhood to achieve her singing dreams, but we get to see that it didn’t fair well for Kate. As a viewer, I enjoyed seeing the difference in relationships for Kate with her dad and her mom.
I’d give the episode a solid 4 tissue rating, because it was lacking that punch of drama at the end I wanted. Instead, it just tugged at my heart strings which is a good thing too. Be sure to catch up on all episodes of This is Us, now streaming on Hulu.

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