NYCC ’17: Lion Forge Tease The Latest In Catalyst Prime, New 80’s Cartoon-Based Series, And More

by Gary Catig

Lion Forge has been making waves recently with their new shared superhero universe of Catalyst Prime, but they produce comics outside of super powered beings. During their panel at NYCC on Saturday, the comic publisher discussed some of the current titles from all of their imprints and future projects that will come out within the next year.  Below are some highlights of the soon to be released comics and books they shared at their presentation.
From Catalyst Prime, writer Amy Chu spoke about her series Summit, out in December.  The protagonist, Valentina, is one of the astronauts from the main event that spurred all the super powers in the universe.  She is a super smart female character with her own emotional baggage.  Much of the first arc will be Val understanding her powers and becoming a reluctant hero while dealing with survivor’s remorse after the Catalyst Prime incident.  The title, Summit, references the main character’s love of mountain climbing.

For the younger readers there is the all ages comic Wrapped Up from writer David Scheidt and illustrator Scott McMahon.  It is the story of a young boy named Milo, who even though he is a mummy, is a normal kid living in a weird world.  He has everyday adventures with his friends and family.  The relationship between Milo and his sister mirrors the closeness Scheidt had with his sibling growing up.
Art Baltazar and Franco are writing a new series due out in 2018 called EncounterChris Giarrusso, who provides the art, described the premise as a shape shifting alien from another planet who travels to earth and becomes a superhero.

From the creator of Little Red Wolf, comes The Lost Path. Created by Amélie Fléchais, the picture book follows three young boys who run away from their summer camp and get lost in a mystical wood filled with magical beasts.

Lion Forge brings a German graphic novel stateside in The Wormworld SagaDaniel Lieske’s fantasy epic follows a young boy who is transported to a magical land that he may have ties with.   It is described as Harry Potter meets Avatar and explores a magic versus industry dichotomy.

The last announced new project is a miniseries based off of an 80’s cartoon.  Dinosaucers, written by Michael Uslan with art by Andrew Pepoy, is an invasion story where hyperevolved dinosaurs from another planet plan to conquer Earth in order to obtain the natural resources. Uslan originally created the animated show by combining two things his son loved, outer space and dinosaurs.  In creating the comic, Pepoy had the unfortunate job of researching all the dinosaur discoveries of the past 30 years and implementing them into the character designs. This version will be updated from the classic cartoon and will have a GI Joe versus Jurassic Park vibe.
Lion Forge went through a lot of current and future titles during the panel. So much that there was not enough room for all the speakers as they had to swap people in and out, but there is a lot of variety and hopefully readers can find at least something they find interesting.

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