Hollow Monsters From Monty Nero Is Looking For You Support On Kickstarter

by Olly MacNamee

Monty Nero, the creator of Titan Comics’ Death Sentence and it’s sequel Death Sentence: London, has a new Kickstarter campaign launching 9th October called Hollow Monsters and he wants the world to know about it. And, form the description of the series it’s a comic that seems to be a mash-up of both kitchen sink dramas and good old fashioned horror. Both of which us Brits do well with.

Initially set in the suburban estates of the 1980’s – a decade that saw it’s fair share of real life horror thanks to Thatcher’s Tories ruling the roost and allowing rampant capitalism to get out of control, all while waging an all-out war against the trade unions and the working classes, in the comic as the decades come and go, the nightmares of their youth stay with them all.
Here’s what Nero says about his planned comic book series:

It’s a very personal and spooky semi-autobiographical story: a timely commentary on how fear shapes the world over time. Like my previous comics, Hollow Monsters is funny, scary, thoughtful, shocking, and lyrical, exploiting the full potential of comics in a way rarely seen before.

This series will be totally written and illustrated by Nero himself and it’s planned as a full-colour 6 issue series. So why not pity this to Titan, or another existing publisher? Why go totally indie on this one, Monty?
I haven’t even thought about sending this one to a publisher. It’s too ambitious and unique a story for anything but Kickstarter. I’m trying to break new ground with my storytelling techniques, and the first thing publishers always ask is ‘What’s it like?’ Well, it’s not like anything else. It’s new territory.
I developed the comic on the University of Dundee Masters in Comics programme as a proving ground for some academic ideas I was researching about the differences between comics, prose and imagery. It’s a fascinating area to study, and a great story. If you’re interested in what the medium of comics can do, Hollow Monsters is the comic for you.
For all the pledges and the perks (Adam Ant level pledge, anyone?), step on over to his campaign page here.
The Kickstarter campaign launches at noon on Monday October 9th and runs until Wednesday 8th November.

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