NYCC ’17: Wonder Woman Explained In Final Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Debuting at New York Comic Con on Sunday, the final trailer for Professor Marston & the Wonder Women features a delightful encapsulation of Wonder Woman creator initial concept for the character. Of course, his pitch is met with some skepticism via Marston’s wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), and their girlfriend Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote).

The film tells the tale of Marston, the Harvard psychologist who created Wonder Woman character in the 1940s, and his unusual domestic situation. While writing the early Wonder Woman stories, which featured a fascination with bondage and submission, he also held a secret about his personal life.
This has always been a story whispered in hush tones whenever Wonder Woman’s origins are discussed, though Grant Morrison once said Wonder Woman: Earth One would revolved around it. And while the story might seem salacious to a bunch of boys learning about comics in the 1990s — like yours truly — it’s also an amazing tale of true devotions and an unexpected legacy.
Written and directed by Angela Robinson, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women opens on October 27th.

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