Excited About The Last Jedi Trailer? Funko’s Next Smuggler’s Bounty Theme Will Please

by Christine Marie Attardo

It’s no surprise that the internet is alive with chatter regarding the new Star Wars trailer. The Last Jedi is sure to make an impact. If you haven’t seen the trailer, we’re trying to keep Comicon spoiler free, so I won’t be discussing it here. However, I will encourage you to not miss out on Funko’s next Smuggler’s Bounty box.
I know you might hear a lot about subscription boxes. Perhaps mixed reviews, but as someone who has subscribed to all of them, I have felt 100% satisfied with every single one. That all started with the Star Wars themed, Smuggler’s Bounty. The next box is themed around the new movie…

It’s super simple to sign up and I truly stand behind the quality of their product. There’s always a great mixture of collectibles! My prediction is…we’re going to get a super sweet Porg something…and hopefully an old man Luke! Don’t miss out. Head on over to their website today and check out that new trailer here.

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