Swag! New York Comic Con 2017 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

There was so much swag this year from New York Comic Con 2017 that it required an aerial shot to get it all in one photo. I don’t think I realized how much I’d tucked away in bags and luggage until I tried to carry the luggage.

First to mention a tiny but eerie piece of original art by the great Robert Hack, and a signed issue of the first Eugenic by James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan from an event at Forbidden Planet NYC.
Also a signed Lazaretto #1 from Clay McLeod Chapman, from the same event. Free geek magazines and previews are always on my take-home list at a show.
My biggest splurge was a handbag  by Loungefly depicting the Guardians of the Galaxy in tattoo art form. Also a little vinyl record of the Daredevil soundtrack from the Marvel booth.

Here several of the lovely exclusive vinyl TITANS from the Titan booth as well as a Skottie Young designed Black Panther plush from Marvel, the enviable and silky Valiant bandana debuting at the show, and the follow up to Comix Tribe’s best-selling horror Sink #1 with issues #2 and #3 in prestige format as convention exclusive.

Also essential to grab were the convention exclusive silvery cover for Kid Lobotomy #1 from Black Crown at IDW and Ben Templesmith’s Trump variant for Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington.

A bunch more comics filled out the haul, particularly from Titan Comics, including the zero issue of their upcoming OGN The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, the nazi-punching Wolfenstein, and their new Hard Case Crime line’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. See above for The Fighting American (the return of a character Jack Kirby-created, now as your alternative to Secret Empire) and Sherlock manga-style.
I have plenty to investigate as the autumn days get shorter now in my swag from NYCC ’17. How about you? What did you bring home?

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