James’ New York Comic Con 2017 Swag Brag

by James Ferguson

This year’s New York Comic Con was one of the most rewarding I’ve ever had, especially from a professional level. It is always awesome meeting creators, particularly those with work I’ve admired and reviewed. But that’s only part of the fun of NYCC. There’s also the swag! I am pretty happy with everything I was able to pick up while attending the convention, although my back and shoulders are less so after carrying it all home.

Here are the comics I picked up while at the show. The Die Kitty Die hardcovers were my rewards from the recent Kickstarter campaigns by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz. I’ve already read and loved the books in the digital format, so now I get to do it again in physical form. The Haunted High-Ons Twiztid one-shot from Source Point Press debuted at the show and was signed by writer Dirk Manning, and artists Marianna Pescosta and Alessandro De Fornasari. Another NYCC debut was Knights of the 5th Dimension from Blue Juice Comics by Walt Flanagan, who was also on hand to sign the book. Lastly, the Vault Comics Cult Classic ashcan was also a debut and writers Eliot Rahal and Daniel Kibblesmith signed my copy. Rahal signed it “Thanks for being alive!” which was a nice touch.

These are the odds and ends picked up at the show such as a SyFy t-shirt, a Spider-Man mask from the Hang Like Spidey experience, and a can of Fo-Ham from the Tick Dangerboat booth. The Eggo box was picked up just outside the show on Sunday as I headed into the subway. A cosplayer dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things was handing them out. Inside was a Stranger Things viewing kit including an Eggo wristband, branded syrup container, and waffle recipes.

I am running out of places to put prints in my house, but that didn’t stop me from picking up new ones. The Jughead: The Hunger print came from a signing at the Archie Comics booth by writer Frank Tieri. The Spider-Man / Vulture print was also from the Hang With Spidey booth. I’m super excited about the Yondu print from artist Nooligan. This is the second print I’ve bought from him and I really love his style. I was torn between this one and a 90s X-Men group shot.

Since I was at the convention, I used the opportunity to get some other books signed. Here’s the Batman: Cacophony trade paperback signed and sketched by artist Walt Flanagan, and my copy of Clean Room: Volume 1 by writer Gail Simone.

Writer John Lees signed my copies of And Then Emily Was Gone and Sink #1 from the Kickstarter campaign. I saw artist Alex Cormack on the first day, but couldn’t track him down to sign Sink for the rest of the convention.

Here’s the last batch of stuff from NYCC. I got a picture with Art Balthazar from the ComiXology photo booth and yes, I realize how incredibly awkward I look. Artist Scoot McMahon drew me a sketch of Milo Mummy, from Wrapped Up, debuting this week from Lion Forge Comics. The Power Ranger mask has already been destroyed by my two year old.
I don’t know where I’m going to put all of this stuff just yet. For now I’m just kind of looking at it and smiling.

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