Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.3 Recap: Jake And Diaz Readjust To Life On The Outside

by Gary Catig

After the events of the previous episode, Diaz and Peralta have had their charges cleared and freed from prison. The Nine-Nine is now complete and Boyle’s hair has reverted back to normal. Although they returned to work, both Rosa and Jake experience problems readjusting to life on the outside.
[Spoilers for the episode ahead!]

While imprisoned, Jake spent his time fantasizing about two things. First was sex with foreplay with his girlfriend Santiago. Second, most importantly, was all the comfort food he was going to gorge on once free since prison cuisine was subpar. At the start of the episode, Peralta shares a huge feast with all his coworkers.
Jake isn’t the only person who missed their significant other. Diaz has picked up her hot passionate relationship with her fiancée Pimento and they have no shame when it comes to PDA’s. After one particular steamy make out session in front of Terry and Amy, she notices something is off with her man.  While doing some detective work, she finds a dinner receipt for two entrees and one flan and assumes Adrian is cheating on her.  Having been burned in the past, Terry pushes her to continue investigating the cheating boyfriend.
To do further surveillance, Diaz borrows Hitchcock’s creep kit to stake out Adrian and finds him meeting another woman. She confronts Adrian about his secret meeting and is ready to break up with him. Pimento comes clean that he was meeting a Spanish tutor so he could impress her father.
After thinking it over, Rosa eventually ends her relationship. She has not been feeling herself with Adrian and was looking for any reason to leave. That’s why she pursued the cheating angle and was secretly hoping it was true.

At the same time, Jake is antsy to get back to police work hoping it will bring a degree of normalcy back to his life. Unfortunately for him, he is regulated to desk duty after experiencing the trauma of prison. He spends his time stapling papers and taking Buzzfeed quizzes like what type of onion he is, he’s a Vidalia by the way. Eventually, he’s able to weasel his way into helping Boyle with his sneaker robbery case. Later, he finds a loophole that he can get off desk duty after successfully passing a field evaluation.
Holt volunteers to be the evaluator and wears appropriate pants that have a deep bottom pocket for his note pad and that don’t crease which is a must due to all the squatting during evaluations.  Jake’s detective work is still on point as he is able to gather clues and follow the leads to catch a suspect.

As they arrest the perpetrator, he declares his innocence. Later, Peralta begins to have reservations about the case as he recalls his own wrong imprisonment. He and Boyle keep on the case and follow a lead he found on the dark net, which is also an excellent place to find quality bat meat. Jake’s initial instincts were correct as the lead directs them to the original suspect, but not before the guilt-ridden detective released him earlier in the day. Jake realizes his stay in prison is still haunting him and clouding his judgement so he’s not ready to be in the field.
Using Jake’s casefile, Holt and Boyle are able to find and recapture the culprit.  Furthermore, Holt is impressed by Jake’s candor and new cautious thorough approach as opposed to his previous gung-ho reckless ways. Peralta has shown real growth as an investigator and he passes his evaluation, but he voluntarily resumes his desk duty a little longer as he wrestles with his issues.
It was good to see the crew back out on the streets and solving crimes this week. Also, Andre Braugher’s Holt was exceptional this week, more so than usual. His deadpan and delivery of some of the better lines was impeccable.
My favorite three lines:
Jake: So, what now, am I just supposed to do anything Rosa does?  What if she jumped off a cliff?
Holt: If Rosa were to jump of a cliff, she would have done her due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water and the angle of entry so yes if you see Rosa jump off a cliff, by all means jump off a cliff.
Jake: Guess what I’m holding behind my back?
Holt: Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get?  Is there a time limit?
Pimento: It’s like an eclipse. You should always look at it with both eyes wide open full on.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm on Fox.

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