This Is How Many Tissues I Used During Season 2 Ep. 3 Of This Is Us

by Christine Marie Attardo

Another week has come and that means another reason to stock up on tissues. It’s a comfort to know that the internet is also crying with you during each new episode of This is Us on NBC, am I right? Though, this weeks episode left me in a contemplative state as I worried about a lot of upcoming heartache.

As we know, Jack is battling with his alcoholism, and it’s really been interesting to see Rebecca step up to the plate to assist in fixing their marriage. Last season, a lot of the tension between them was centered around Rebecca’s music career. Now, things are way more upsetting with Jack battling this big demon. In an effort to help their marriage, Rebecca plans a surprise date and it was nice to see the realistic nature of it all. Things weren’t just so simple for them, but there were glimmers of hope. Possibly, the most exciting piece of all was the reveal of the dog that we see in that haunting ending of episode one. His origin story comes from a positive place, and I look forward to seeing the kids’ reaction.

The present day story was incredibly gripping and as a viewer, that’s something that I take comfort in. The sad fact is, we know that one day, one episode, Jack is going to die. Then what’s going to happen to those flashbacks? We need to be emotionally invested in the present day characters in order for the show to stay alive. I truly felt that way. As intense as it was, I enjoyed seeing the young foster care teenager coming into Randall’s life. Kate and Kevin on a film set with Sylvester Stallone was also an emotional thing to watch. Their differences as twins were shown a bit more, and it’s clear that Kevin has been holding in his feelings about Jack’s death for way longer than we might have predicted.
The ending was the real painful as this happened…

Yes, Kate looks at the urn and says “He’s just like you.” What you don’t see here is a scene where Kevin takes a pain pill. Perhaps this will be something Kevin struggles with due to Jack’s addictive personality? Oh dear, we’ll just have to wait and see. Five out of five boxes of tissues for me. Until next week!

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