Blood, Sweat, And Tears – Follow The Archies On Tour In Issue #2

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Archies is a new ongoing series at Archie Comics that follows our Riverdale teens on the road as they try to become a real band and learn how to handle themselves in a world they haven’t really encountered like this before.

Naturally, they’re in for some big shocks, some big arguments, and a lot of opportunities to grow up–if they can hack it.

[Cover by Fiona Staples]

Written by Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, with art by Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, and lettering by Jack Morelli, the second issue of The Archies is going to land on November 8th, but reaches FOC today, October 16th, 2017. So get your orders in to rock.
Here’s an early preview of the issue to take you on the road with The Archies. Get set for obligatory temper tantrums:

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