Read An Excerpt Of The Very First Moomin Story – Moomin And The Brigands

by Hannah Means Shannon

In December, Drawn & Quarterly will be releasing a momentous book–Tove Jansson’s very first Moomin story that went on to become an international phenomenon.

In Moomin and the Brigands, Moomin has to deal with relatives, and finds himself on an adventure in search of wealth and fame:

Moomin’s pushy relations have come to stay, and in the process of getting them out, he unwittingly embarks on a quest for fame and fortune with his sly friend Sniff. But it’s much harder to get rich than either of them expects, whether it’s through selling rare creatures to the zoo, using a fortune-teller to find treasures, or making modern art. Through a stroke of luck, however, Moomin meets the love of his life, Snorkmaiden, and with her help he finds the self-confidence he needs to get his house back. The iconic first Moomin comic strip by Tove Jansson, Moomin and the Brigands is a thrilling introduction to the vibrant inhabitants of Moominvalley we’ve come to know and love.
Drawn & Quarterly have released an excerpt to show us the very first Moomin strip in this new edition:

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