Ulli Lust Adapts A Dark Tale Of Nazi Germany’s Wane In Voices In The Dark

by Hannah Means Shannon

Comic artist Ulli Lust has adapted a novel by Marcel Beyer set in Nazi Germany during the final years of the Third Reich.

In Voices in the Dark, Hermann Karnau is a sound engineer obsessed with recording the human voice, including the “rantings of leaders, the roar of crowds, the rasp of throats constricted in fear” and doesn’t concern himself with much else.

When he’s employed by the Nazis, he finds himself in the household of Joseph Goebbels, where he meets Helga, the eldest daughter of the house, who is “bright, good-natured, and just beginning to suspect the horror that surrounds her”.

Voices in the Dark is the first fictional graphic novel by Ulli Lust, author of the award-winning graphic memoir Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life.
Publisher NYRB describe this book as the “story of an unlikely friendship and of a childhood betrayed, and a vivid, disturbing masterpiece”.

The novel has been translated by John BrownJohn for Lust’s adaptation, and for a couple more days will be available for 30% off from the publisher. At 368 pages, it’s a hefty read and usually retails for $29.99.

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