Image Is Going To Get Naked With A Lot Of Comic Creators In February

by Hannah Means Shannon

In one of the most unusual projects announced by Image Comics since Shirtless Bear Fighter, a collection of “sequential essays” is coming our way, created by a large slate of comics folks, on the subject of “the naked body”.
Written by Steven T. Seagle, with artwork by international artists Emei Olivia Burell, Tina Burholt, Patricia Amalie Eckerle, Christoffer Hammer, Andrada-Aurora Hansen, Rebekka Davidsen Hestbæk, Hope Hjort, Angelica Inigo Jørgensen, Bob Lundgreen Kristiansen, Silja Lin, Sim Mau, Ingvild Marie Methi, Thorbjørn Petersen, Aske Schmidt Rose, Erlend Hjortland Sandøy, Mads Ellegård Skovbakke, Cecilie “Q” Maintz Thorsen, Fred Tornager, and Thomas Vium, the collection Get Naked is going to arrive in shops in February 2018.

Nineteen stories of “global attitudes about the naked body” will be presented with comedy, emotions, and “raw cartooning”, according to Image. Seagle is the source of personal stories about his travels throughout the world and encounters with ideas and experiences of nudity.
Seagle explains:

For most of my life I had massive reservations about getting naked. But the more I traveled the world, and found myself in uncomfortable situations, the more it became obvious that the American anxiety of ‘I’m not taking my clothes off in front of anyone else unless it’s to have sex with them’ is unique—and not in a good way—to the US. I started looking into the history of nakedness and thinking about why we’re so uncomfortable with bodies in this country—with me as a lens for that. Comedic essays seemed like the right way to chronicle what I realized, and graphic essays felt like a great new kind of visual challenge for challenging subject matter—nakedness—both physical and emotional.

The Get Naked OGN (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0480-2, Diamond Code NOV170679) will arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, February 7th and bookstores on Tuesday, February 13th. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, December 18th

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