Oliver Queen Laughs Off Green Arrow Accusations In Tonight’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

When you’re the mayor of a city known for almost collapsing four times in the last five years, even being identified as the Green Arrow is something Oliver Queen can take in stride. Of course, as this clip from tonight’s episode proves, he can also take a shot at a prominent citizen from another DC Comics city.

But as Ollie points out, that photo didn’t just appear out of thin air. It’s easy to suspect the photo was a direct result of Black Siren’s raid on the Arrowcave. Their quarry: one of Curtis’s prototype T-Spheres. Maybe it already had the photo on it. Maybe it gave Black Siren’s mysterious backer access to Felicity’s computer network. One thing we do know: it’s not the photograph of Oliver as the Hood from Russia. But this should also be a warning to crime fighters like Barry Allen and John Diggle: don’t take off your mask while you’re on a mission. In a world of CCTV cameras, it’s pretty easy to get spotted. I mean, just ask Michael Emerson, he spent years on another television network proving how easy data can be obtained and how it can be manipulated.
Oh, and as it happens, Emerson will be appearing on the series fairly soon, but pay that no mind. Instead, take a look at a preview of tonight’s episode in which executive producer Wendy Mericle discusses how the Green Arrow allegations will effect Ollie. I mean, the allegations are true, but he can’t just say that, right?

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